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Re: [pygame] unicode bug at font.c

I checked cvs tree, but still font_size() isn't fully fixed..

-               Py_DECREF(text);
+               Py_DECREF(strob); // hcyun

font_size() still free 'text' object but it must be a 'strob' object. 
Current code can cause SEGV and memory leak.



Pete Shinners wrote:

>i've just put a binary pygame-cvs online for windows users. please get back
>to me and let me know if this fixes the font crashes. i hope so, if it is
>still crashing please let me know which function and what the arguments are?
>sounds like it's time for another patch release. once this issue is nailed
>down i'll be making moves for distribution. if there's any other little
>things that should be cleaned up before release, let me know now. i'm
>especially interested in any little problems that may be holding up a game
>you intend to release soon.
>since pygame-1.5.3 there have been a few small fixes for Sprites, Rects.
>Music and Sound queueing, the Scale2x transform, and now a potential
>unicode bug fix. http://pygame.org/whatsnew.shtml
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