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[pygame] You remember my blit problems?

Even with the latest pygame-cvs with the latest SDL. I still had a
problem to display 1024x768x16
DOUBLEBUF FULLSCREEN and to blit in this screen !
Actually with a recent version of SDL and pygame-cvs... It would not
even display the screen. I would
get stuck with the Windows 98 desktop screen... Very frustrating....
But I realized that if the Windows is freshly rebooted, then, the
problem does not appear.
JUST THE FIRST TIME. To run my program again, I need to reboot...
Thankfully, pygame is not the culprit. By writing the simplest SDL
program, I found that
a pure C SDL program on my config (Windows 98 Jap + Sis540 , driver
DirectX) displays the
exact same trouble than pygame!

The good news is that I will go on working on my stuff on a Win 2000
machine from now on...
but still is there anybody on this list who works or depends on a stable
Win98 runtime?
I would like to verify other code than mine to be able to raise a defect
to the SDL team.



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