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[pygame] aargh, performance

Hi all!

I've been enjoying the pygame mailing list for a few months now,
and most of my problems were solved by just keeping up with the mailing

But I have something to ask you pygame wizards. I'm working on a platform
it runs ok now on my dual pentium2 350mhz, on 640x480, I didn't attach it,
because it'
already quite big with graphics. But anyway I fear when the game is
the performance is going to be awful and it will take up way to much memory.

I was thinking about using a 320x200 resolution, but my windows machine
doesn't allow pygame to run 320x200 fullscreen. I thought it might be a good
idea to blit everything on a 320x200 surface, and then scaling that one up
to the
640x480 display. My question is, will I see a performance when I do this ?
will the scaling slow the process down so it will not make a big difference

also I would like to ask, if anyone has any tips on building some kind of
to see what is the actual framerate of the game running. Right now it's
kinda hard
to see any performance changes when i change something in the game.

Regards, Rob Bothof

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