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[pygame] Re: pygame

hexor wrote:
> 1] can i use it to do windows games / X Windows games ? Every example i've
> seen on the site is for the linux console
> 2] if i build a standalone executable including the library into it, can
> i distribute it how i want or are there limitations?

all the examples (except for maybe the simple sound.py) run in a 
graphical xwindow. which other ones were running in the console for you?
if you have the environment varaible SDL_VIDEODRIVER=aalib, then SDL 
will us the ascii graphics library and then all the games will run as 
funky characters in the console.

as for distribution. you can create windows binaries easily enough. in 
the unix world there's not as much of a need for binaries. most 
distributions come with pygame now, so you can just ship the source and 
it will run natively. if pygame came standard with windows too, then 
there wouldn't be much need for the binaries there either, heh.

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