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Re: [pygame] Re:

On Tuesday, Nov 26, 2002, at 01:52 America/New_York, Nat Budin wrote:

> Actually, Pygame under Linux really wants to do X.  You can in fact 
> make
> it do console stuff using aalib, but it's not really worth doing.
> Under Linux, Pygame will produce X apps.  Under Windows, it will do
> DirectX.  Under Mac OS X, it'll do Cocoa (I think?  maybe Carbon).

Cocoa vs. Carbon is like MFC vs Win32 API..  they're essentially the 
same.  SDL on OS X uses Cocoa, but mostly just to open up a window and 
handle the event loop, everything else is low level graphics stuff 
that's the same whichever way you go... only differs in how you get a 
handle to the bitmap (and if it's going to be backwards compatible to 


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