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[pygame] Re:

> hi everyone, just found the pygame site. I have a couple of stupid
> questions whose
> answers i would like to know before i begin studying and using the
> library:
> 1] can i use it to do windows games / X Windows games ? Every example i've
> seen on the site is for the linux console

Actually, Pygame under Linux really wants to do X.  You can in fact make 
it do console stuff using aalib, but it's not really worth doing.

Under Linux, Pygame will produce X apps.  Under Windows, it will do 
DirectX.  Under Mac OS X, it'll do Cocoa (I think?  maybe Carbon).

> 2] if i build a standalone executable including the library into it, can
> i distribute it how i want or are there limitations?

Pygame being a Python library, it's harder than one might initially 
think to build a standalone executable on platforms that aren't Windows.  
But to answer your question, Pygame is distributed under the LGPL, so 
you can bundle it (unmodified) with non-free programs.  However, if you 
make your own game programming library, and base it on Pygame, your 
library must also be LGPL licensed.

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