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Re: [pygame] Re:

thank you

On Tue, 26 Nov 2002, Nat Budin wrote:

> > hi everyone, just found the pygame site. I have a couple of stupid
> > questions whose
> > answers i would like to know before i begin studying and using the
> > library:
> >
> > 1] can i use it to do windows games / X Windows games ? Every example i've
> > seen on the site is for the linux console
> Actually, Pygame under Linux really wants to do X.  You can in fact make
> it do console stuff using aalib, but it's not really worth doing.
> Under Linux, Pygame will produce X apps.  Under Windows, it will do
> DirectX.  Under Mac OS X, it'll do Cocoa (I think?  maybe Carbon).
> > 2] if i build a standalone executable including the library into it, can
> > i distribute it how i want or are there limitations?
> Pygame being a Python library, it's harder than one might initially
> think to build a standalone executable on platforms that aren't Windows.
> But to answer your question, Pygame is distributed under the LGPL, so
> you can bundle it (unmodified) with non-free programs.  However, if you
> make your own game programming library, and base it on Pygame, your
> library must also be LGPL licensed.
> Nat
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