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Re: [pygame] Pyzzle will be displayed at the Australian Game Developers Conference!

I'm going to try and get down there.

Hope to see you there!

 --- Andrew Jones <andy@larrymite.com.au> wrote: >
Possibly a little too far to come for most.
> But im thrilled...
> On December the 7th & 8th Pyzzle will be on display
> at the Australian
> Game Developers Conference (http://agdc.com.au/).
> Pyzzle was short listed for the Australian Game
> Developer award for the
> Best Unsigned Game. Hence the Team-Pyzzle will be
> manning a booth at the
> conference to demonstrate Pyzzle to the masses and
> the judges. So if you
> are in Melbourne and want to see Team-Pyzzle in
> action drop in.
> Ill make sure plenty Pygame + SDL plugging gets
> done. Ill take some
> photos 2.
> See all you Melbourneites there. (:
> Andy

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