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Re: [pygame] Pyzzle will be displayed at the Australian GameDevelopers Conference!

On Thu, 2002-11-28 at 20:05, Pete Shinners wrote:
> Andrew Jones wrote:
> > Pyzzle was short listed for the Australian Game Developer award for the
> > Best Unsigned Game.
> andrew, congrats, that is super-cool! 
Thanks (:

> can't wait to hear how it all 
> goes, it's only 2 weeks away. 
Ill fill everyone in post event.
2 weeks? More like 1 week.

> i guess team-pyzzle is gonna be scrambling 
> to get more finished content put together :]
Hmmm yeah, considering the time constraints its going to be hard to get
anything decent together. If only MadTV was at a workable stage...
Theres always 2003 (:

I have a second environment sitting on my hard disk it was never
completed due to no music could be found for it. I might put that
together now. Also I might fire up blender and produce some simple
puzzles it would be easy to include them in the Orbis environment.

Its too short notice for anything really spiffin to be done. Puzzle
might just have to be judged on its own merits. 

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