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Re: [pygame] pygame for commercial use

On Sat, 30 Oct 2004, andrew baker wrote:

>Python and Pygame have no browser plug-ins, but it has an
>easy-to-install run-time library and can be compiled with the disutils
>to run on virtually any imaginable platform.  However, disutils (such
>as the implementation py2exe) are sometimes tricky.  I, for one, can't
>get them to work at all ;)

The problem with getting cross platform installations to work without too
much rectal pain is definitely not a trivial task at all. I've been trying
to accomplish that for a while without any major success. Stuff like
py2exe won't work outside Windows. Deb:s, RPM:s etc are only for Linux.
Autoconf-stuff works on Linux and OSX, but not Windows (Cygwin is not an
option). Distutils works on all platforms, but it fails miserably if you
try to install something outside /usr/lib/python/ (or wherever Python
stores its stuff) and have *loads' of stuff to install.

The only good way to distribute stuff seems to have an archive that once
opened can be placed anywhere and is immediately playable. This works
quite well, but it's not really too polished.

Any other ideas for installations? Pygame is so cross platform nowadays,
it's a shame that there aren't any *real* cross platform installers


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