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Re: [pygame] pygame for commercial use

> >I'm also interested in getting into $$$ downloadable games, but I'm
> >still working on an ideal distribution package.  Perhaps you can take
> >a look at the proposed pygame launcher development.
> >
> >
> I was thinking of doing this with small games. Selling the nicely
> packaged versions as downloads for $5 each and possibly even offer
> several games on a CD that they can order. I even have the domain name
> registed already. I was just working on some more small games to sell.
> I'd be glad to offer other peoples games for sale from my website also
> if anybody had something that was pretty polished for release. I could
> help you with testing and creating the installers if needed. I think
> there is a market for small affordable games. Card games, simple logic
> games, classic games, etc. A lot of people don't have the time or
> interest to play the latest MMORPG or 3D shooter but obviously they
> still like games. I'm working on some of these basic games and I have a
> special interest in edutainment games. If we could get several
> reasonably experienced (at least as much as myself, which isn't really
> that much) Pygame developers interested I'd like to hire some artists to
> provide artwork, sound effects, music etc for our games. I'd also like
> to have every game packaged for easy installation and play on Unix/Linux
> and MacOS.

Yes, this is exactly what I mean.  I look at the relative success of
companies like Pop-Cap Games and Puppy Games, except they use
Flash/Java and Java, respectively.

Puppy Games uses a proprietary form of Java because they are heavily
invested in it, and they have pretty much mastered QA and Distribution
for that particular brand of Java.  So, it makes sense to have a
studio that did the same thing with PyGame, shared libraries, etc.

Andrew Ulysses Baker