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[pygame] freetype module now stable

The freetype module is complete and ready for the Pygame 1.9.2 release. The Python api is frozen. I promise not to break programs by tweaking it. So, please, try out the bonus features freetype offers over the SDL_ttf based font module.

For Windows users, I have built an new Python 3.3, x32 installer with the completed freetype. It's available at the Pygame download page on bitbucket <https://bitbucket.org/pygame/pygame/downloads>.

md5 stuff:

87f171bd30d529982112347e489af125 *pygame-1.9.2a0-hg_56e0eadfc267.win32-py3.3.msi

I had hoped to include a Pygame installer for Python 2.7. Unfortunately, freetype failed the unit tests. It needs a newer version of the FreeType2 library. I intend to release it at some point. Otherwise...


Lenard Lindstrom