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Re: [school-discuss] Looking for an international lecturer on free software in schools

Thomas, my name is Alvin. We have been training schools and corporate in Singapore on Openoffice and Open source training including basic to advanced training on Linux. We have also been training students from different countries. We would be pleased to discuss with you on the subject you are interested.

Kindly email us more detail about your requirements.
Thanks and kind regards!
Alvin Teo
email: training@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
URL: www.aventure.com.sg

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On Friday 01 April 2005 15:51, CPE-SAT (German Bustos) wrote:

My name is German Bustos, I'm contractor for Computadores para
Educar, a Colombian government program which has brought
computers for thousands of Colombian public schools since 2001,
this program offers also teacher’s training in the use of
computers in classes. All these computers are running MS Windows,
but there is a growing interest in free software. Packages like
OpenOffice.org and Mozilla are been tested to be used on those

A national meeting of teachers using computers will take place at
June 28th, 29th and 30th in Bogotá, it is expected that at least
500 teachers from all the country would participate y that

We are looking for an international lecturer who can teach
Colombian educators how to use free software in their classes and
schools, what are the advantages of this kind of software
specifically for education. We have special interest in the use
of computer technologies in teaching subjects like math, language
and science.

We are also contacting national groups that promote free software
to participate in the meeting.

Can you please help me to find such a lecturer?
May be Matthias Stuermer, matthias@xxxxxxxxxxx , from Bern may be an
interesting contact.
Matthias is doing his community service / alternative service in
Peru, Lima.

La descripción del proyecto cervicio civil que se ejecutará del 16
de marzo hasta el 28 de junio en Lima y que se trata bajo otro de
la introducción de Skolelinux al instituto superior Diego Thomson


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