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[school-discuss] Slaves to Microsoft

Thanks to the people who replied to my posting. While
your suggestions are all good, I should emphasize that
the politics of this situation are really rather
delicate and I have to be careful about what I say and
who I say it to. Touchy egos, power struggles, and all
that sort of nonsense.

There is one thing that I think would be helpful: if
someone out there in schoolforge land could sell me
cheaply (or donate) a laptop preloaded with a nice
stable Linux distro and equally stable versions of the
relevant apps. I'm not interested in raw power; in
fact, an older machine might even be a more impressive
way to demonstrate that Linux can do a better job than
Windows under the right conditions. With a laptop, I
would have a lot more flexibility in my own
self-training with FLOSS, as well as what I show,
where/when I show it, and who I show it to.

I should emphasize that, if the laptop were to be
donated outright, it would have to be to me
personally, not to the school district I work for. If
the district gets it, it will have Win XP thrown onto
it instantly and I won't even get to use it. Something
to keep in mind if anyone is thinking tax write-offs
or whatever.

Let me know if you might be able to help, and we can
start working on details.



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