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Re: [school-discuss] Slaves to Microsoft

Joel Kahn wrote:
 > There is one thing that I think would be helpful: if
someone out there in schoolforge land could sell me
cheaply (or donate) a laptop preloaded with a nice
stable Linux distro and equally stable versions of the
relevant apps. I'm not interested in raw power; in
fact, an older machine might even be a more impressive
way to demonstrate that Linux can do a better job than
Windows under the right conditions. With a laptop, I
would have a lot more flexibility in my own
self-training with FLOSS, as well as what I show,
where/when I show it, and who I show it to.

Joel, here's an idea: go to your local cheapie computer store that carries refurb/previously owned PCs, and purchase two boxes: one server and one or two clients. The server should be at least Pentium III with a GByte of RAM (you might need to buy a faster hard disk drive), and the clients can be PII 300 MHz or above. Buy another NIC for the server so it has two. Cost of server will be on the order of $100-$150 and the clients will be on the order of $50. If you have any ancient PCs at home for the kids running Win95/98, they'll do fine. If you can take one or two of the classroom PCs from your school, that's even better. Load the K12LTSP package on the server and show them how well the older classroom PCs work as clients. We did this and used a classroom PC that was dead in the water (HDD was dead, but with a NIC that was net-bootable) to show our principal how we could take the older classroom PCs and breathe new life into them at little to no cost.

They really need to see how it works to believe it. We also showed the district IT folks how it takes 90 minutes to install the K12LTSP package on a server, and how user-friendly it was.