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[school-discuss] The K12LTSP is installed on live television


I imagine that most of you understand the benefits from reusing older computers as thin clients. Both the Skolelinux and the K12LTSP distros make this quite manageable. There are obstacles to adoption, though.

HOSEF recently had the honor of being on a television program sponsored by our Department of Education. The host, Kerry Koide, asked outstanding and relevant questions. His focus on the end-user provides a lot of clarity to those considering the use of FOSS.

A live installation of the K12LTSP took place. I then proceed to boot a discarded thin client from the newly installed server. I'm a bit of a goof, but it was fun and very informative.


and for the original mp4


My apologies to those of you who susbscribe to the k12osn list as well since I just posted something similar.