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[school-discuss] article on GNU/Linux in schools and universities

Hello list,

I'm writing an article on GNU/Linux in schools and universities for
Linux Format (yes, I've told them it's Easter, never mind =^).

I've already spoken to a few list members here privately, and seen
some impressive installations (eg Skegness).

I have _most_ of the info I need, but would welcome anyone contacting
me with their personal experiences of getting Free Software into 
schools (good or bad).

I'm also happy to hear more about:

Free Software in primary schools;
Attitudes of non-technical teachers;
Non-UK schools (and universities);
More on universities;
Barriers to change.

Please contact me off-list at richard@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
or keep that address cc'd in for on-list replies.


 - Richard

disclaimer: this article in no way relates to the work of MOST:
Richard Smedley,                                                  RichardS@xxxxxxxx
Free Software Evangelist,
Midland Open Source Technology.                             http://www.most.org.uk/
                                       ``Software Freedom for the Voluntary Sector''