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Re: [school-discuss] Visual language Programming

On 6 Apr 2006 at 7:57, george kocke wrote:

> > What would be a good visual programming language to use at school
> > level?
> Believe it or not, I'm using Logo to introduce 7th grade students to
> programming. Logo works well because the students get instant feedback
> in response to their commands. Once they become familiar with the basics
> of Logo, I get them to write short programs in a text editor.
> Whatever I'm doing seems to be working. Some of the students are even
> using Logo at home.

I believe you Logo is a very Visual language. When you type

forward 100

The "turtle" moves right there and then, before your eyes.

There is even a "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist"
for Logo:


Kturtle, however, is not to be regarded a Logo, it is just
a small subset of what is called "turtle graphics".