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Re: [school-discuss] Report: Experiences with Centralised operated Skolelinux installations

Sorry, should have read "It looks OK to me"

Dale Jones wrote:

I looks OK to me, and a darn fine read. I'm using Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.

Dale Jones

Daniel Howard wrote:

Knut Yrvin wrote:

By Knut Yrvin - Skolelinux / DebianEdu

 > The English 17 page version for the report (that sums up the 65 pages

report in Norwegian): http://developer.skolelinux.no/artikler/2006-04-02-debconf6.pdf

The 65 pages report in Norwegian (with a short one page version): http://d.skolelinux.no/ressurssparing.html

Knut, the english pdf file looks horrible and is almost unreadable. I have adobe acrobat 5.0, do I need some kind of plugin? Is the english version available as an open document? I'd really like to read the whole thing. Daniel