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Re: [school-discuss] Clipart & Graphics Code

--- Daniel Howard <dhhoward@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Great stuff, Joel. I'll start looking at converting
>some of these routines into Logo for our kids to
>play with. Anyone know of an automated QBasic to
>Logo converter?

The processes might be better, from the standpoint of
educational value, if the conversions are *not* very
"automated" but are done the old-fashioned way by the
students themselves. Of course, this would depend on
the age-groups of the students. :-)

I also believe that some of the algorithms could
produce interesting results in VPython; however, as I
indicated, I haven't had enough time to tinker around
with the possibilities myself. . . .

One more proposal: computer teachers can think about
hooking up with "traditional" art instructors and
using this stuff as the basis for projects joining
together high-tech with low-tech graphics. That was,
after all, my original goal when I was relating these
pictures to jewelry design.



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