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[school-discuss] ServerAtSchool: a server-client system for primary schools

Esteemed ladies and gentlemen,

We hereby announce the release of ServerAtSchool 1.0

About ServerAtSchool
The ServerAtSchool project is a Linux network server designed to work
together with Windows workstations, offering features that were developed
especially for use in primary schools.

Services include a web server, a website content management system, a mail
server, a flexible user management tool, a chroot jail for users, hourly
backups of user documents, nightly (off-site) backups, spam control, a name
server, DHCP, a printer server, web mail, virus scanning, a firewall, a
database server, a file server for Windows clients, a time server, and a
secure shell.

ServerAtSchool is 100% documented. The ServerAtSchool Installation Guide,
which can also serve as a learning book, is aimed at the slightly
above-average computer user, who can handle an editor and has at least a
basic understanding of Linux. Just follow the detailed step-by-step
instructions to set up a fully functional, industrial strength, rock-solid,
and above all, secure school server.

The ServerAtSchool User Manual is a paragon description of the error free
equipping process of network clients. It documents the tasks related to
preparing hardware, installing an OS and installing educational software.
End users, i.e. ICT coordinators, teachers and pupils, can find chapters on
managing user accounts and creating CD images with ServerAtSchool's Janitor
program, how to use network clients, working at home, webmail and managing
the school's website content management system.

ServerAtSchool is Open Source Software (OSS) licensed under the GNU General
Public License (GPL).

More information and downloads can be found at:

Thank you for your attention,
Kind regards,
Dirk Schouten
Peter Fokker