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Re: [school-discuss] Report: Experiences with Centralised operated Skolelinux installations

On 4/13/06, Knut Yrvin <knuty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> By Knut Yrvin - Skolelinux / DebianEdu
> The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research has founded a report
> about free software in schools. It covers planing and deployment of
> Skolelinux/DebianEdu that currently includes 234 Norwegian schools,
> 33,000 client machines, and 101,000 pupils and teachers. The focus
> is on technical issues, economy and organisation. There is also some
> feedback on how the teachers use free software in their teaching.

Fascinating report.  I found it difficult to understand the different
types of client technologies being used.  I set up SkoleLinux the
other night in my garage, and found the English documentation blank in
the areas of thin client setup for the server.  However, I loved the
single CD concept.

Just feedback.  Thanks for the good work and the notice.