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[school-discuss] Presentation for local SD

Hi all,

Recently I was invited by one of the trustees of a local school division
to give a presentation on the benefits of the use of Free and Open Source
software in the SD.

I plan on doing a presentation and hi lighting the finer points on the
use of FOSS as well as show case some of the current success stories. I
want demonstrate Linux terminal server project on Ubuntu/Edubuntu
OpenOffice. Open Admin for Schools( Les has provided me with some
contacts to get there feed back and experience with OA) and likely
Moodle. I want to highlight Kamloops School Div 76 as well as Brandon
School Div in northern Atlanta as success stories. I will stay to the
positive stories possibilities as apposed to getting too geeky.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice, ideas, suggestions or anything
that would help make this presentation as effective as possible. If you
have testimonials that I could quote that would be great. I will also
promote the schoolforge.net site as a great resource for the Trustees to
get more info.

Also I was thinking that it might be a good idea to put together a info
package skeleton that others doing this kind of thing could use to kick
start there presentation. What do ya think? Good Idea or not?

Thanks all and I look forward to your feed back, any input will be much


Best regards,
-Richard Houston
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