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[school-discuss] The Free Knowledge, Free Technology Conference


Maybe someone will find this interesting and even visit the conference:

Free Knowledge, Free Technology - Education for a free information society

The Free Knowledge, Free Technology Conference (FKFT) is the first 
international event which will centre on the production and sharing of 
educational and training materials in the field of Free Software and Open 
Standards. With the objective of promoting Free Software and the sharing of 
free knowledge, the FKFT 2008 Conference will bring together hundreds of 
people from different continents including government representatives, school 
and university teachers, IT companies, publishers, and NGO's. By gathering 
together people from all these groups, we aim to stimulate both present and 
future collaboration between diverse disciplines, sectors and countries, 
through the medium of free software programs and the sharing of successful 
experiences related to free software and free technologies.

Have a great time,
Jure "JLP" Repinc

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