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[school-discuss] Introduction and Moodle Moots

Hi All,
I read the bit about introductions being a polite courtesy so I thought I would introduce myself.

My name is Judson Aungst and I work as the Marketing Director for Moodlerooms.  Moodlerooms is a Moodle Partner that provides essential services and code enhancements for Moodle.  I am sure that most members of this list are well acquainted with Moodle, for those who aren't it is an open source learning management system.  It was created and is currently run by Martin Dougiamas out of Perth, Australia.

From what I have read on the list serve so far, many of the people involved with school forge are trying to accomplish the same mission as Moodlerooms.  We are currently working on two Moodle Moots to educate participants on the uses of open source tools in education.   I thought these might be of value to the people on this list.

The first is at the South San Francisco Convention Center June 9-11th.  The headline speakers are Martin Dougiamas, John Seely Brown, and Jamais Cascio.  As a part of the Moot there will be a hack fest scheduled for June 9th where developers can meet Martin Dougiamas and talk code.  There are a number of other speakers who have put in proposals for speaking engagements.  This Moot will be focused solely on how Moodle can improve education from k-12 through higher education.  If everything goes right we should be streaming the presentations for those who can't make the event.  Here is a link to the site for more information http://moodlemoot.org/course/view.php?id=6

The following week there will be an east coast Moodle Moot held in Delhi, New York.  This Moot is titled "2-3-98 Conference: An Open Discussion on Technology in Education" with the focus being on open source.  The first day is dedicated to tearing down the myths associated with open source technology, poor quality, more costly in maintenance, and no support.  The second day is dedicated to maximizing the potentials of Moodle.  Here is a link to the conference site for more information https://snydelwd.delhi.edu:8443/display/ODD/2-3-98+Conference

If anyone has any questions on the Moots, Moodle, or Moodlerooms I will gladly answer them or point you in the right direction.


Judson Aungst
Marketing Director
Moodlerooms, Inc.
1101 East 33rd Street
Suite A 306
Baltimore, Maryland 21218

Office - 443-451-7218
Cell - 443-534-2404