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[school-discuss] Tux4Kids participating in Google Summer of Code 2008

The Tux4Kids project (which includes Tux Typing II, Tux of Math Command,
and Tux Paint) is happy to announce that we are participating in this
year's "Google Summer of Code" program.

We were allocated 10 slots, which we divided up amongst the various T4K
projects based on the number of mentors available, and their focus or

The mentors had to choose 10 out of 133 proposals made by 90 students
around the world.  It was a very tough, and at times emotional, process.

Google has announced the accepted students for all 175+ organizations
participating in GSoC.  1125 students were accepted, and are eligible to
receive a stipend payment upon completion of their projects.
(In other words, Google is funding over USD$5.6 million to run GSoC this year!)


Tux4Kids' accepted student proposals can be found here:


And you can learn more about GSoC in general, and see the other organizations
that are participating, by going here:


Wish us luck!