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Re: [school-discuss] Geneva schools completely switch to Open Source

Can I request a DVD or DVD Image ? I would love to see it!

Tony D.

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On Sun Apr 27  7:11 , Richard Andrews <bbmaj7@xxxxxxxxxxxx> sent:

>ref: http://ec.europa.eu/idabc/en/document/7576/6008
>CH: Geneva schools completely switch to Open Source
>Open Source News - 24 April 2008 - Other European Countries - Deployments and
>About 70,000 students and their 7,000 teachers in the Geneva school district
>will gradually be moving to Open Source.
>The decision to move to Open Source was taken by the Geneva Public School
>District (Département de l?Instruction Publique Genevois (DIP) in March 2006,
>says Manuel Grandjean, project leader for the Geneva district's Open Source
>migration. "The district wants Open Source software to become the default."
>The migration to Open Source will begin after the next summer holiday with
>three projects. One school, the Candolle College in Geneva, will try out a
>complete Open Source desktop, using the GNU/Linux distribution Ubuntu. Next,
>OpenOffice will be installed on the 9,000 PCs in the school district that are
>used by teachers, replacing Microsoft Office. A third project is the migration
>to OpenOffice on the PCs used by the boards of all primary school.
>Replacing Microsoft Office by OpenOffice saves the state some 300,000 SFr
>(about 186,000 euro) per year, says Grandjean. "Moving to a complete Open
>Source system will cut the IT costs by a third."
>The number of schools using GNU/Linux desktops will gradually be increased and
>eventually all teachers will be supplied with laptops running Ubuntu GNU/Linux.
>Grandjean expects the migration to be complete in three years time.
>DIP's IT service department will configure the Ubuntu GNU/Linux system as an
>option on all computers used for teaching (dual boot). Then, it will replace
>proprietary applications one by one by Open Source alternatives. DIP is also
>organising teacher training and is producing 10,000 copies of a DVD on the
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