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[school-discuss] Software Freedom Day - supporting schools


I am on the SFI board that organises "Software Freedom Day", a global event that supports local communities to celebrate and educate how Free Open Source Software can benefit people in their area.

FOSS fits well with the ideal 'Free and Open Education' by being able to give the learning tools to students so that they can use, share and build upon them. Collaboration and sharing fits well with this ideal and FOSS.

One of our objectives for 2008 is to better support schools to host Software Freedom Day events. For schools already making use of FOSS, it is a great way to help their community understand what and why they are doing this and to involve their FOSS communities in the process.

I would like to start some conversations about this so that we can better understand how to help schools participate and to share stories, resources and experience. If you want, you could put these ideas straight onto the SFD wiki




Free and Open education for all

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