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[school-discuss] Open Admin for Schools - 3.75+ French Release

Hello All,

I've created (with my wife's translation help), a French version
release of Open Admin for Schools 3.75.

This version is enhanced from the 3.75 English release with updated
translation tools and a slightly reduced phrase count. It also has
fixes applied since the 3.75 release. All perl scripts on main and
teacher site contain French lexicons and the main html pages are also
French. It contains the full French .po file in the utility folder
that can be uploaded into the translation table. The system will
dynamically build all lexicon phrases directly from the scripts and
html templates.

This release should now allow us to proceed more easily with other
translations and provide alternative language version more easily. We
currently have Khmer and Serbian translations (including demonstration
sites in those languages).  Other versions should be quite helpful to
schools and teachers, such as Spanish.

David Bucknell has provided a Thai translation, so we will have a
demonstration site up for that shortly.

We will now continue on with work on updates to the Report Card system
and Gradebook to support the British system of Term and Exam marks on
report cards and allow averaging of terms and multiple objectives to
create a student tern average.   We are also moving ahead with updates
to the Fees/Accounting system based on requests and contracts.

Many more things to come including sharper teacher focus and better
large scale integration and LCMS integration.

The French version may be downloaded from an alternate link provided
after user input in the download process.

Les Richardson
Open Admin for Schools
Saskatchewan, Canada