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[school-discuss] SchoolForge.net website development

Hi everyone,

Have had a bit of free time lately, and have put together a prototype for a new software listing for the SchoolForge.net website. The two main focus areas are the navigation scheme, and the display listings themselves. I'm hoping some may be able to take a moment to check it out and provide feedback.

If the site update gains momentum, a couple specialized volunteers (particularly in mailing lists and Drupal local/content translation modules) would be very helpful. See the "Volunteer" section below for more information.

Here is a breakdown (URL, Navigation Scheme, Software Listings, Other Considerations, Volunteer, Donations and Sponsorship) :

1) Software Listing prototype URL

  * http://schoolbeta.visioninit.com/education-software

2) Navigation Scheme:

  * Selection for "platform", "category", and "language" (any or all
    of them can be selected)
  * Considering adding "license" to the options, but I'm also thinking
    it may complicate things..and as long it's all Free Software -
    this is probably not necessary.
  * Current URL structure for listings is
    /education-software/[category] and software titles are
  * Proposed URL structure for listing is
    /education-software/[platform]/[category]/[language] (with 'all'
    as wildcard) and software titles will remain

3) Display Listings:

  * Will have ratings.  Comment fields exist as "Reviews" for software
  * An image preview which uses some jQuery AJAX effects to present

4) Other Considerations:

  * Considering a video preview very similar to the image preview for
    software listings
  * Only two projects added in the prototype, TuxPaint and GCompris
    (simply because I knew they had many screenshots available to plug in)
  * The next test will likely include a test account for those who
    would like to try editing the forms and providing feedback for that
  * The two in the prototype aren't actually categorized correctly
    yet, so they may show up in the wrong selections
  * Languages would eventually be extended, for now some options were
    put in to get something showing
  * Will have platform icons "Tux", the "Apple logo" etc somewhere in
    the listings too

5) Volunteer (email info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if interested):

  * *Translation expert*:  Drupal has translation and locale modules,
    but I haven't figured out how to use them..
  * *Mailing-list guru*: Would like to switch from majordomo to
    MailMan.  Drupal has modules which integrate mailing lists with
    the website, however I would want to import the archived
    SchoolForge-discuss and SchoolForge-core emails into the new system.
  * *Content Development Advisors*: This is critically important, as
    SchoolForge brings a very diverse audience.  This ideally would be
    a working group to deliver an effective & informative experience
    to each of our audiences (i.e. Developers, Educators, the various
    organizations that support similar efforts)
  * *Graphics designer*: While the prototype looks decent and has some
    nice effects, it's missing something.  Design concepts and mock
    ups for different pages would be very helpful
  * *Usability testers*: Everyone is qualified for this!  It simply
means trying out new site interfaces and providing feedback. Will send emails asking to test out specific features
    for feedback (rather than spamming this discuss list asking for
    feedback on small details)
  * *Knowledge of Drupal and/or PHP*?  Could probably find something
    for you to help with that fits your experience.  Whether your an
    expert or wanting to learn, send an email.

6) Donation and Sponsorship:

  * Accepting donations for site development
    (@ http://schoolbeta.visioninit.com)
  * Exploring accepting donations at SchoolForge.net website and/or
    seeking sponsorship

Please feel free to discuss any aspects of this here on this mailing list or you may send specific questions to info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Justin Riddiough