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[school-discuss] Instructional video - Musix - Joli OS

Hi there everyone!

Currently I am not teaching, so I have been working on making instructional videos - in between gardening and house keeping.

The topic is dyslexia.  Later on I hope to cover my favorite Linux operating systems and software packages.


The videos are a bit goofy looking - my first efforts - but were fun to make.  I used my iPhone to record video and audio, my iPad to make the music, but I used Musix for everything else . . . the Gimp, Audacity, Kino, and Cinelerra.  This latest version of Musix is the best yet.  I installed it on a used Craigslist computer and it is smokin!

I would also like to sing the praises of Jolicloud.  Several months ago my six year old laptop finally completely died.  So I started using an available netbook at home.  It is an ASUS 904 that had XP on it.  XP . . . . horrible horrible!!  None of the apps fit the screen and the viruses . . . . oh my!!!

I had read about Jolicloud about a year ago and had always wanted to try it.  It has an installation that installs from withing windows, so I was really easy to set up.

My husband got an iPad at the same time and he bought me one too.  I love the iPad for the touch screen piano which is amazing for composing music, but for everything else, I much prefer Joli OS.  This is such a great interface and the apps are fabulous.

Marilyn Hagle