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translation of freeduc. Re: [school-discuss] NETS (Nat'l Edu. Tech. Standards) lesson plans for OSS edu software?

A quick note: I would like to work on the translation, Hilaire.  I won't be
around the rest of this week, but will be back in force next.  I will visit
your project (http://www.ofset.org/freeduc-doc) and see how to contribute.


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    Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 12:43:37 +0200
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 Subject: Re: [school-discuss] NETS (Nat'l Edu. Tech. Standards) lesson plans
for OSS edu software?
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Marilyn Hagle a écrit :
Last year I was home with small children so I spent the year trying to
sell tech products (SafeDesk and some network security solutions) to
schools.  Much of that effort was devoted to promoting  Linux/OSS.  I
couldn't help myself.  It was fun.

After speaking with many teachers and tech directors throughout the
year, I think I have reached a similar conclusion:   when teachers have
tangible lesson plans in their hands that use OSS, the software will
emerge from obscurity.   Most teachers are not married to an OS - they
just want tools that help them do the job.

I am returning to teaching this year as a 5/6 grade music teacher.  I am
already working on gathering old computers to make a thin client lab in
my classroom - hoping to use the SafeDesk download and run all of the
great open source music software.  Also, Hilaire, I will pass out the
Freeduc Primary CD to all the other teachers.

Where I am very sad with freeduc-cd primary is that most of the documentation is only in French. It is quite a lot of introduction document related to the software include in the cd (something like a 180 A4 pages). If translated in English it will be very helpfull to English speaking people, althought it will quite a lot of work (http://www.ofset.org/freeduc-doc)



Hilaire Fernandes wrote:

Bill Kendrick a écrit :

A teacher-and-grad-student over on the 'tuxpaint-users' mailing list
asked if the Tux Paint project had any lesson plans available which used
the software.  (There are some "didactical laboratories" published in
Italian, but beyond that, I know of none.)

It is a very interesting subtle shift in the free software education

At first we need free software we can use in education. Some time later,
educators become aware of free software and they start using these
software, then they naturally look for contents they can use with.

I think this is where we stand right now. Once we start to get more and
more contents for free software we will attract more and more teachers,
then we will have more and more contents, and so on. We will enter in a
virtuous circle to the benefice of free software users.
Future looks quite bright for free software in education.

Did I told you about GNU-Edu Odile Benassy is developing. Take a look at
http://www.ofset.org/gnuedu and http://gnuedu.ofset.org

Hilaire Fernandes

She also wanted to know how such lessons would align with NETS standards.
For those who don't know (like I didn't, before being asked about
this :^) ),

 "The National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) Project is an
 ongoing initiative of the International Society for Technology in
 Education (ISTE) and a consortium of distinguished partners and


Ben Armstrong suggested I bring this topic up over here on 'schoolforge-discuss'. I was wondering if anyone out here knew much about NETS, and/or how to put together lesson plans for Open Source educational software that would adhere to the standard. (Is there any?)

In the meantime, since I couldn't easily find any information for
educational software developers/publishers over at the NETS website,
I took the liberty of dropping Lajeane Thomas, the NETS Project Director,
a line to ask her directly. :^)

I'll keep you posted on any response I receive.

Thx in advance,

-- http://www.ofset.org/petition Pétition de soutien au développement de logiciels libres pour l'éducation.

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