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[school-discuss] Re: translation of freeduc.

David M. Bucknell a écrit :
> A quick note: I would like to work on the translation, Hilaire.  I won't be
> around the rest of this week, but will be back in force next.  I will visit
> your project (http://www.ofset.org/freeduc-doc) and see how to contribute.
> David

Hello David and all,

If you know any people which could participate in translating or even
proposing new introduction documentations, please do not hesitate to
invite for participation. Freeduc-doc is independant of the freeduc-cd
project and it can be used in any place/project where software
introduction documentation are usefull. Because of that, Freeduc-doc has
its own development place at GNA!, https://gna.org/projects/freeduc-doc

The documentation units we are using for Freeduc-doc are named
'documentation granules' or just 'granules'.
Each granule is an individual file, written with LaTeX and a couple of
macros to make the live easier to the editor. We have found that even
teachers with no specific technical orientation were quite confortable
in writting such granules. For sure *much more* confortable than using
Docbooks or any other XML structured documents.

For example when looking at
http://linux5.cc.ntu.edu.tw/~freeduc-dev/translation.html you have links
 to each individual granule: the html compiled version and the LaTeX src
version. See how simple looks like the source version. I am even sure
Google translation tool can be used to get rought English translation,
but it requires a native English speaking person to go through the
automatically translation.

Last, the HTML output can be easily changed to produce more fancy
documentation. For example the Dr.Geo user manual produced with the same
LaTeX technic looks like: