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[school-discuss] Installfest for Schools (Next Week)

Title: Installfest for Schools (Next Week)

Hi Folks:

This is a quick reminder that the Installfest for Schools in taking place on the expo floor at LinuxWorld next week (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday).  We've got an ambitious goal of refurbishing 1,000 older/discarded computers with GNU/Linux for schools and we need all the help we can get.  Here's how you can lend a hand:

1)Help install GNU/Linux (Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu or gNewSense)
2)Help breakdown bad computers to identify reusable parts 
3)Donate your old computer[1] -- ACCRC will have a collection booth and can provide tax deductable receipts
4)Know a school that needs computers and is willing to try GNU/Linux desktops?  Please tell us here:


Also, I'm pleased to announce a little help from our friends... 

Mozilla and Canonical/Ubuntu are donating schwag for installfest volunteers.  Creative commons has packaged CC licensed and Ogg formatted multi-media content that will be placed on each system.  And No Starch Press has made another extremely cool donation of a PDF copy of "Ubuntu for non-Geeks" for EVERY computer...  What a great resource for newbies!

Why the installfest is cool:

1)Digital Divide: Helps get computers to children/schools in need
2)F/OSS Outreach: Helps expose new users to Free & Open Source Software
3)Environment: Helps divert thousands of pounds of toxic electronic waste from the landfill
4)Community: Is a great cause to bring the community together around

Lastly, don't forget to register for the LinuxWorld Expo.  The passes are free if you register in advance, but $50 onsite.  Register here:


Learn more about the installfest here:


Thanks so much for your help!


References & Notes:
[1]PIII and newer systems will be refurbished with Ubuntu for schools.  Older systems will be recycled properly by the ACCRC.

Here is a writeup of the first event: http://lwn.net/Articles/273770/

and here are some pictures:


Andrew Fife
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