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[school-discuss] Open Admin for Schools 3.25 Released

Hi All,

The new Open Admin 3.25 is now available. It has a completely
rewritten main IEP (Special Education) system to support session
management, improved student entry sequencing, code cleanup and
alternate languages (I18n). Some of the iep admin functions were also
updated including a more selective erasure method to leave objectives,
but remove evaluations of student progress (since in special ed areas,
many objectives are multi-year).

There is a new password management/policy system implemented to allow
teacher site access directly, once a staff member has been added to
the staff table. Apache 2 is required to implement this access
control. This goes along with session management of the teacher site.

The transcript system has been updated with a new graduation date
added to simplify transcript generation (years after graduation, when
memory fails... (grin)).

The translation system development is continuing (although unreleased)
and is being tested with both Serbian and Khmer (Cambodian)
translations. This should be available in the next release.  The html
templates (that are used to generate the main html files) are
available in this release (3.25) along with a stripper to remove
translation markup. Form templates will be available in the next
release (3.50) also.

There is a new Pre-Kindergarten report card system that is in testing,
and should be available for fall release. It is designed to simplify
report card entry and have a 'cuter' look than the normal RC system.
There are additional options, etc. for the current report card system,
as well.

The Locker system should also be ready for fall release.  Feedback on
school requirements for this would be helpful (although it is
implemented and running).

More feedback on missing features would be useful. There has been talk
about 'integration' with other applications including Koha (library),
Moodle (and other LCM systems). More concrete suggestions would be

I'm not a 'build it and they will come' kind of developer. I only
write what people want and need. I just need more feedback on 'Real
Needs'. (grin)  Of course, people with money have 'real needs', since
they are willing to part with it to get what they want! LOL.

In any case, more documentation to follow, as well. Perhaps also
inservice lesson plans, etc.


Les Richardson
Open Admin for Schools