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Re: [school-discuss] License for an open-source voting system?

And I rest my arguments.  I am sure there is a THIRD view out there.  I always say...

There are three ways to see an object/issue.  My way.  Your way.  The way it really is.

On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 12:06 PM, James P. Kinney III <jkinney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Wed, 2008-08-13 at 06:47 -0700, Bill Ries-Knight wrote:

> The concern is the possibility, with open source code, that a pre zero
> day flaw is discovered and manipulated in some fashion.  I do suggest
> that the more restrictive the views, the less likely the bad hats of
> hacking will meet up with the bad hats of politics and run some
> nefarious scheme.  You are right in that open source offers
> transparency, but it also opens up that other world.
The existence of a (pre)zero-day exploit is not enhanced by
fully-auditable code. Bear in mind that the proposal is to use a
touchscreen that produces _THE_ hardcopy ballot that is the official
"ballot of record". The airgap between candidate choosing and vote
counting ensure that any flaws are isolated and can be manually
accounted for and solved.

Bill Ries-Knight
Stockton, CA

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