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Re: [school-discuss] Google Mail tips

Thanks for the comparisons of different systems.  I with they'd done something like that here before switching over.  Unfortunately, I have no input into what our IT department chooses or does.  Would love to have the ability to run whatever Open Source applications may be useful (like Chrome or several others), but we have an approval process which is incredibly slow here.
I do agree about how Google seems to be pushing their products.  It certainly feels like if you want decent features with Google Mail like notifications, HTML5 offline support or mailto functionality, you need to use Chrome.  I prefer Open Source products that don't box you in.  At least you can get your data from Google Mail to somewhere else using various export features.
On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 12:17 PM, Tim Dressel <tjdressel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Finally, have you considered the actual Gmail tips? They have some pretty good stuff on there, not to mention the icons for the ninja make me smile every time. :)

Yes, I've checked them out and any other web sites I could find with tips.