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Re: [school-discuss] Google Mail tips

According to our IT department, one of the reasons they're not ready to okay Chrome yet is because some of our school applications won't work with it.  They mentioned issues with Liquid Office and with Peoplesoft which is used for payroll and financial information.  Our Educational Data Warehouse (which I work on) uses IBM Cognos and displays over 400 online reports for administrative staff and teachers.  IBM doesn't support Chrome with their Cognos product and Chrome has issues rendering pages.  IBM only supports IE and Firefox for their Cognos product at this time.  However, Firefox doesn't really have the support for Google Mail that Chrome seems to. 
Thought I'd share what applications I've heard aren't working with Chrome in case anyone else was thinking of using it.  In our District, it seems like several key applications won't work with Chrome which is probably why they're not thrilled with people wanting to use and won't support it.  I heard mention that they might try to block the applications that have issues with Chrome so users won't try to access that way when sites or resources won't work properly.
On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 12:17 PM, Tim Dressel <tjdressel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Being the head tech guy, I would push your tech department to get Chrome out as as standard, or at least a dual standard. There are now active directory extensions so it can be managed almost as well as IE8/9, and with a competent tech group there are not many applications that must run in IE (some activeX sites still require it). There is little reason to not run two browsers *if* you can educate your end users. Right now we run Firefox and IE, but we are about to stop supporting Firefox and swap it with Chrome. Our education push happens later this fall.