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Re: [school-discuss] Poll for interest New Project

Absolutely! ÂI should have said any open source SIS. ÂThanks Les.

Casey Adams
Phone: 205.612.5489
Fax: 717.326.3543.

On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 2:04 PM, Les R <openadmin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Tom,

Or you could also add it to Open Admin for Schools.... a free GPL'd
multiple language SIS for schools! (grin).

Next question would be.... what language would you write it in and
what kind of supporting
server libraries, etc would you need? ÂIt would also have to be
capable of multiple language support, also.

Les Richardson
Open Admin for Schools
SK, Canada

On 24 August 2011 11:11, Casey Adams <jcaseyadams@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> If you want to make it a module that will integrate with a SIS that already
> has a communications module, why not work with OS4Ed and contribute it to
> the community edition? ÂIf you are interested, contact Bob Ghosh at
> bob@xxxxxxxxx
> Casey Adams
> Phone: 205.612.5489
> Fax: 717.326.3543.
> On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 8:45 PM, Tom Stuart <stuielxl@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> With the modern work environment most parents are in front of a computer
>> for the day.
>> As a result many schools have introduced emails to their parents.
>> With this in mind,ÂI am looking at developing a new eBooking system for
>> school events such as Parents Evening etc and wondered what the interest
>> would be like (I am a software engineer myself).
>> I intend on making this freeware but before starting I wanted to know what
>> the interest was like.
>> Thanks