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Re: [school-discuss] Spreading LTSP over multiple servers?

On Tuesday 02 December 2003 05:21, ipaterson@shaw.ca wrote:
> Has anyone had any hands on experience using LTSP with multiple servers?
> What with the power of modern desktop machines, it's becoming much more
> plausible to have a pair of 1.2Ghz with oodles of RAM rather than a
> Quad-Althon SpaceHeater, but I'm curious if there are issues that would
> negate the cost benefit of doing this.

We have three dual Athlons each with 1gb ram serving about 90 clients and 
doing well. Many here will call this overkill, but when you have potentially 
60 students all logging on at the same time it makes sense otherwise lessons 
would be over before all were logged on. There is no load ballancing, the 
servers do this naturally by responding to requests quicker if they are not 
busy. These servers are about 800GBP each so when the network grows I'll just 
add another one. Workstations are 50GBP and are second user.