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[school-discuss] More: Things teachers like . . .

I wrote about a month ago giving a teacher wishlist . . . I thought of
two more items teachers would like on a desktop.

I like to use the dictionary on the panel/taskbar thing at the bottom of
the screen for student writing.  I was disappointed that it is not in
the Mandrake 9.2/KDE desktop (I couldn't find it anyway).  The Gnome
desktop still has it though. 

Also, I recently discovered the print as poster feature in KWord,
Konqueror, KGhostview . . . etc.  That is a really wonderful fun teacher
student thing.  I have been busy making posters for my classroom - and
let my keyboarding students create posters for a special project at the
end of the period.  They are having a great time.

Also . . . . 

Last month I spoke to the general assembly of the Texas Association for
Education Technology Fall Conference.  I tried to include all of the
suggestions provided by people on this list (thank you!) and passed out
literature representing the groups who requested a spot.  I passed out
Freeduc CDs that I burned in my classroom and Knoppix for Kids CDs
(special thanks to Harry who sent me packaged CDs!).  The audience
seemed to be hanging on every word, and afterwards hungrily gobbled up
the CDs and literature.  I tried to make the speech inspirational - "try
it, you will like it" - and focused alot on open source software that is
available for many operating systems.  

Hope it made a difference.

In my own school district (large = about 35 campuses) I have a "gag
order" on me.  I am really not supposed to try to convert anyone to
Linux - and absolutely not to install it anywhere outside my own lab.  I
put it on a friend's computer (Windows was hosed) and received a severe
verbal lashing by the district's Tech Director.  Having an outlet to
share - like speaking at this convention - is really great.

Thanks to all on this list . . . I enjoy reading your conversations . .