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Re: [school-discuss] More: Things teachers like . . .

Yes . . . you are right.  They allow me to use it in my lab, and I am
thankful for that.  

It is a bit more complicated than that . . . I was the tech facilitator
for all elementary schools 10 years ago . . . married my boss - the tech
director & had to become a teacher again (its a Texas thing) . . . 
husband later became director of purchasing . . . current tech director
probably lets me do Linux stuff because of my husband .. . but I have
always been out there as a threat to the tech administrators I suppose .
. . I try to stay out of their way and be as cooperative as possible. .
. also I have to be a good girl because husband is in central
administration . . . soap opera stuff . . . 

Seems immoral to me however that my school district is cutting teachers,
and programs while not considering savings in software.  I hope
SB1579(?) comes back to life and makes gov agencies consider all
software options.

Enjoyed your article about Open Source.  It helped me understand how it


>>> adelste@netscape.net 12/05/03 9:21 AM >>>

rasjidw@openminddev.net wrote:
> On Wednesday 03 December 2003 01:50, Marilyn Hagle wrote:
>>In my own school district (large = about 35 campuses) I have a "gag
>>order" on me.  I am really not supposed to try to convert anyone to
>>Linux - and absolutely not to install it anywhere outside my own lab. 
>>put it on a friend's computer (Windows was hosed) and received a
>>verbal lashing by the district's Tech Director.  Having an outlet to
>>share - like speaking at this convention - is really great.

I have reports of this sort of thing from Local Government agencies. 
It's the first I have heard of it from a School district.

But, if this was my situation, I would recommend you comply with the 
district's Tech Director and drop it.

This is your job. You took a job in a shop that doesn't want Linux. You 
knew that or at least you do now.

If you want to stay involved with Open Source or FSF join a project, but

keep it out of the workplace unless it's welcome.

> This has been bugging me for days, so I'm going to ask:
> How does something (anything) you do to a friend's computer have
anything to 
> do with the district Tech Director, or the school system in general
for that 
> matter?  I assume that your friend's computer was owned by them, and
not by 
> the school system??  Therefore it should have nothing to do with
anyone else 
> except you and them.  You were presumably acting as a private citizen,
> not in any kind of 'official' capacity.  I just don't get this at all.
 Am I 
> missing something here?
> Cheers,
> Rasjid.