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Re: [Ossi] Re: [school-discuss] Shocking news about Microsoft's

Read the book "The Tipping Point" for reference on how this works.

Great...I love when people recognize our true strength...our focus on
the positive, creative work.  If we get sucked into battle, we lose time
and resources (ask IBM).

Work for the future, not for the present.


Les Richardson wrote:


So, I guess that begs the question... "What to do?".

They're big. We're not. They have almost limitless resources. We don't.
Can we "fight a war" on their terms? Nope.

I would suggest:
1) Write good quality software that does solves the problems it's supposed
to. 2) Make this available on the Internet under an open source license.
3) Goto 1.

A very small hole in a dam.... can lead to very large results over time...


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