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[school-discuss] Open Source development process

I recently presented a seminar to developers and project managers of a large Virginia local government. I had the good luck to have Sam Hiser of OpenOffice.org working with me at the event and we discovered a number of misconceptions people had about Open Source development. The city in question has used proprietary development methods and wants to transition to Open Source.

We documented many of their misconcpetions in a paper published at Consulting Times yesterday. The article found its way to Slashdot and has made its round globally.

Several people have requested permission to republish the article and/or use it in presentations.

By this email, I am giving you the rights to reprint the article and use it in any manner you see fit.

The article is entitled:

How to Misunderstand Open Source Software Development

and you may find it at:


All the best,

Tom Adelstein