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[school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] Greetings

There is a statistical add-in for Excel called Vista, which is open source.  This allows you to input data into excel, and perform a variety of statistical analyses on those data.  Forcdatasets that generate arrays as comma delimited, etc., there is a standalone version.  In addition, if you want to work at it, you can get "R" to do almost anything.  R is the open source equivalent of S.  A wide array of survey tools is available in open source.  Just go to www.sourceforge.net and type in search word survey, and a dozen or so will pop right up.  Take you pick.  This site is your appropriate place to look for open sourcec equivalents.

aid Ali Alsagoff wrote:

Dear Colleagues,

I want to wish everyone who celebrate Christmas: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year & the rest a big HI!

I am sorry I haven't contributed much in the last few months, as I have been so engrossed in my work at UNITAR. Though, I have been actively following all the interesting discussion been going on here. Also, I would like to highlight that we are now using Open WebMail for our e-mailing services, and are now longer using a local commercial product. So, we are slowly moving in the right direction. Also, we are using Mambo and PHP-Nuke for many of our departments (in the process) and community sites. As for LMS, CRM, HR, etc. we are using our own homegrown systems. Though, we still use commercial tools such as Macromedia Breeze and Centra (Web-conferencing).

However, I was wondering if any here could tell me what is the best open source online survey tool or engine that has basic analytical capabilities (result data display perhaps with graphical chart display) and download results which can be further analyzed in Excel, SPSS, etc. , as we are missing any good tool that we can use on a University wide basis. In other words multiple-user access, admin., conduct surveys on samples ranging from 1000-7000 without any problems, etc. 

I have come across one VT Survey tool, though I am wondering if anyone could perhaps link me to a more dynamic open source tool, which I can install, manage, and recommend to our researchers and lecturers to use.

Warm Regards & Sincerely,

Zaid Ali Alsagoff
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Technology Division
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