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Re: [school-discuss] OS4ED Release bAlert

It's not necessarily breaking list etiquette, there are different ways
of properly ensuring that FLOSS is properly distributed when there is a
fee attached.  Please see http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/selling.html.

I just found it difficult to verify that OS4ED / bAlert is on this
wavelength while reviewing OS4ED website.  What is the open source
license that you use for the software?  Is all of the software under the
OS4ED umbrella using this license? 


Casey Adams wrote:
> Hi Justin,
> This one of our paid services.  I probably should have considered that
> before I sent it.  I am a little sleep deprived with a five month old
> baby.  This discussion list is on my checklist to send announcements
> to and I wasn't even thinking.  My apologies if I broke list etiquette.
> While the entire solution is built on open source, we do have to
> charge to cover the infrastructure cost.  Again, my apologies for not
> thinking before I sent the email.
> Casey