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Re: [school-discuss] OS4ED Release bAlert


Can't this SMS traffic be handled by simple text msgs to email addresses?

To my knowledge all phones have email address that can accept short email msgs.

I know this would be something like using mailman to get the msg out but it sounds like your system more involved.

If you stripped out the SMS capability and only provided email capability would their still be a charge for your software or could you then release it under Open Source?

If you are looking for an "upsell" this might be it.  Start with the base pkg and then upgrade to your service offerings.

Just a thought.


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> The infrastructure of the cellular modems that send the SMS text messages, the monthly fee for a gateway to the cellular carriers that guarantees the SMS message delivery, the servers that handle the message traffic, etc.
> My apologies for sending this to the list.  At os4ed.com, we strive to offer  a balance of free and paid offerings so that we can sustain long term development of true alternatives to costly commercial administrative education applications.  Our approach is lower overall TCO with a mix of free and fee based offerings.
> We built bAlert on open source because we build everything on open source technologies.   That way, even if it is a fee based service, you can charge a lower cost, which is directly in line with our mission statement.
> Please disregard the message and again my apologies.
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> > Hi Justin,
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> > This one of our paid services.
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> > While the entire solution is built on open source, we do have to charge to
> > cover the infrastructure cost.
> What infrastructure might that be? You do realize that claiming you have to charge for open-source software is waving a red flag? The real issue is what restrictions you place on the recipient. For example, the GPL guarentees redistribution rights downstream.
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