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Re: [school-discuss] Idea for mobile computer teacher/specialist

I agree, these are important points. The Open Slate Project design, what there is of it, proposes:

1. A portable, wireless tablet design that can easily be set aside for other activities.

2. Applications installed on the slate.

3. Ability to work without network connection (e.g., at the park while sister has soccer practice).

4. eBooks will replace paper books; kids will curl up with their slate.

5. The need for educational software is addressed by the Chalk Dust portion of Open Slate.

More about the project at http://openslate.net/

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> From:   	 Les Richardson <les@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>  Date:  	 Mon, 10 Dec 2007 17:54:47 -0600 (CST)
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> Hi Daniel,
> On Mon, 10 Dec 2007, Daniel Howard wrote:
>> Good points all Les, I wasn't considering the file access, I was mostly
>> thinking about a way for the computer teacher to be empowered to explore new
>> open source applications, something not easy/likely in the current
> enterprise
>> server model here in Atlanta.  Actually, there is a centralized file server
>> for the entire school that could be accessed by the mobile server as
> well, so
>> maybe that solves that problem.
> In terms of 'experimenting' your suggestion would work fine. All kids
> would then have to login with presetup accounts (perhaps with info on file 
> cards or just guest1, guest2, etc. and a common password). They could be
> supplied with a common home area and then told to save using their own
> initials at start of all files, etc. This would be the training issue for
> the first half (or more) of the first lesson... depending on grade level,
> background of students, etc.
>> Also, an interesting comment recently from one of our fifth grade teachers
>> with 1:1 in her room: she said that although the 1:1 was nice, 2:1 was
> really
>> enough for the vast majority of her needs and would be better from a space
>> perspective.  I think this view is likely unique to  elementary schools, and
>> I'm guessing middle and high schools are much more likely to need 1:1 for 
>> many if not all classes, but it is interesting to hear one of them say that
>> after having 1:1 for the last year or so.
> Yes, children still have to know how to hold a pencil, read a book, and
> talk to each other...
> The larger question, IMO, is one of: What do you do with students in front 
> of a computer while trying to teach them ___ fill in subject here___. It's 
> not a 'natural' fit for all areas (and all student groups). Just because
> the software running on the box is Open Source doesn't mean too much... we 
> need stuff to deliver 'educational elements'...
> Students need to curl up with books in the library too.... (grin).
> Les Richardson
> Open Admin for
> schools
Gary Dunn, Honolulu
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