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Re: [school-discuss] TuxMathScrabble-0.5.0-rc1

We have been using Tux Paint for Windows for two years now. The configurat
ion tool will allow you to specify a location where work can be saved. So 
if you install it and point to a specific location, each students work wil
l be saved in that location. You can then copy the work to a jump drive, t
hough they use the random name file naming convention.

The saving restrictions are the only real complaint we have about Tux Pain
t. Otherwise, it's a wonderful tool for primary years. I just wish it had 
an option for simplified save [which it does] and standard file saving. 

Anyhow, getting work onto a jump drive is easy once you specific the locat
ion where the work is to be saved should be easy. Or if it's already saved
, check where it's pointing to, copy files and have kids identify their wo
rk visually..


schoolforge-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>I am the computer teacher at my school.  We are getting Linux soon.  I h
>ave downloaded Tux Paint onto my computers to get the younger children acc
>ustomed to using it instead of Kid Pix.  I'm doing a project with the kid
>s making a class slide show.  I'd like to save each student's work from t
>he computer they are working on onto my jump drive.  I have not figured o
>ut how to do this yet.    I really want to get all the projects togethe
>r so that we can show the parents at their holiday party. Any suggestions?
>Jill Frank

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