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[school-discuss] WinOSSCDrom V1.6

I am happy to announce that version 1.6  of the  WinOSSCDRom  is ready
for download.

The WinOSSCDRom is a collection of free and Open Source Software for
Microsoft Windows. Copying of the CD Rom is not only legal but
encouraged. If you find the CDrom of value please feel free to make
copies and pass them on.

I started this collection to showcase all the wonderful free and open
source software which is available for the Windows platform. The majority
of the software on this CD Rom image has a Linux version which can be
downloaded from their respective websites.

See http://www.winosscdrom.com for the torrent file as well as http and
ftp download sites.
Thanks to the guys at Vedran Vucic of gnulinuxcentar.org and Michael
Shigorin of linux.kiev.au for there continued support with hosting and
ideas for programs to add to the collection.

For this version I have updated most of the packages and added a few new
ones to the Edutainment category.

Here is the change log:

Added Lillypond 2.10.33 to Edutainment
Added Musescore 0.7.0 to Edutainment
Added jMemorize 1.2.3 to Edutainment
Added Freeciv 2.1.0 to Games
Added jMemorize 1.2.3 to Edutainment
Added Keepass 1.0.9 to Security
Updated Pidgin to 2.2.2
Updated Firefox to
Updated Thunderbird to
Updated Seamonkey 1.1.17
Updated Spybot to 1.5.1
Updated Sunbird to 0.7
Updated Lightning plugin to 0.7
Updated Clamwin to 0.91.2
Updated Blender to 2.45
Updated ArtOfIllusion to 2.5.1
Updated TuxWordsmith to 0.5.3
Updated TuxMathScrabble t0 0.4.4
Updated Filezilla to 3.0.3
Updated Infarecord to 0.44
Updated Azureus to
Updated Frostwire to 4.13.3
Updated the Gimp to 2.4.2
Updated wireshark to 0.99.6
Updated GantProject to 2.0.5
Updated GNUCash to 2.2.1
Updated OpenRPT to 2.2
Updated Gpgwin 1.1.3
Updated WinSCP to 4.0.5
Updated Tuxpaint to 0.9.18
Updated Tuxpaint Stamps to 2007-11-21
Removed Qcad as no windows binary are available only source code.

Grab your copy and please pass this on to others so they can enjoy the
benefit of free software as well.

Best regards,
-Richard Houston
-R.L.H.  Consulting
-E-Mail  rhouston@xxxxxxxx
-WWW     http://www.rlhc.net
-Blog    http://www.rlhc.net/blog/